Beijing will regulate “digital humans” in the metaverse

Beijing is regulating digital humans in the metaverse and beyond. This means that there will be rules for things like virtual influencers and digital pop stars….

Beijing is developing a regulatory framework for the digital human industry by enacting the Beijing Action Plan for Promoting the Innovation and Development of the Digital Human Industry. In this plan, it has accepted that over the coming years there will be virtual influencers, digital pop stars, and more performing human-like functions online through various channels including video games and social media platforms. This means there needs to be new laws on how these quasi-humans will be treated in regards to privacy as well as revenue generation from their popularity.

1. It is the first of its kind in which the government lays out the goals and prospects for all things online and in the metaverse that perform a human-like function.

2. It envisions huge growth in the next few years projecting that by 2025 revenue will hit 7.3 billion in the capital city alone and expecting that virtual humans will assist with online banking shopping and travel services within the next few years.

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